sad whatsapp status video

Sad Whatsapp Status Quotes  and Videos in English and Hindi

Expressing our emotions in words as Sad whatsapp status  is very creative and convincing way. Emotions can be of different kinds, it can be happy, romantic and sad. A person who has failed in his/her love, who expresses his/her, emotions by heart touching WhatsApp status lines. WhatsApp in this way becomes a very useful platform for our modern generation to express themselves. Whatsapp is now a global app which all smartphone users use it. That’s why sad status in English can help them to express lot of things.

Many people in countries like India and Pakistan like WhatsApp status video in hindi. A sad whatsapp status quotes in Hindi and English is not just about expressing that you are sad, but it is more about digging deeper into your emotions and finding the most concise but good way to express them. A sad status quotes in English helps your friends and family and acquaintances know that how you are feeling. There are many status which you can find on various websites. Doing a deep research on internet can help you to find new sad whatsapp quotes for status.

When a person gets very sad, he starts writing status in sad mood. Here, person tries to express his sadness in his writings. Also, it flows his heart’s pain by writing. Broken heart status video in English is best way to release their sadness from heart for a boy/girl. Human beings have a nature and their characteristic of trying to express its feelings through singing songs, writing heart touching lines in form of whatsapp status video download either in English or in Hindi.



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